Wednesday, October 14, 2009

no longer checking the mail on a daily

Ryan's $3000 prize money from the Venison Competition came in the mail this morning :)
No more we-must-check-the-mail, did-you-bring-the-mail-key, i'm-just-quickly-running-to-get-the-mail !!! It's arrived! Instead of splurging on a Macbook or a PS3, Ryan deposited it straight into our savings account. After all, our Design Centre appointments are right around the corner, the money is definitely going to be used to pay for our upgrades!

Totally wanted Ryan to take a photo with the cheque, but he wouldn't (of course!). So I got Aiden to do so. How frantic were we, went we thought he was going to rip it! Hahaha, what a crazy little bugger.

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