Monday, December 1, 2008

night number 3

I was so ready to post the success of our trials of Saturday night, but decided to spend some well-needed quality time with Ryan! & by quality time, I mean watching DEXTER :)

Night number 3
It's getting easier. Your schedule all day was out of control. (I think it's because when Ryan's home, I get a little more lenient and relaxed & everything is not so go-go-go, do-do-do). But the evening turned out pretty good. I was afraid when you took a nap at 6pm, but when we went to wake you at 6:30pm, there you were, smiling :) (my favourite!) We ended up feeding Aiden rice cereal mixed with oatmeal before I nursed, wicked wicked idea!
He slept until 5am.
Okay so it's not my most favourite thing,
that he woke up at five, BUT NOTHING BEATS STRAIGHT SLEEP!

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