Friday, June 21, 2013

Captain Aiden's Birthday Bash & High Five for *Giveaway* Friday!

Earlier this month, we celebrated Aiden's 5th birthday - Captain Aiden style. I swear, he doesn't even like Captain America, but I feel like he feels a huge attachment & association with the "A" emblem, lol. This was the first year that we didn't throw him an over the top famjam - and if you know us and our family ... that's almost 100 guests, give or take a few - yikes! Instead, his birthday party consisted of some friends from school (if he has his way he'd invite the entire class but we limited him to 8) and a few friends that he's "grown up" with. & I must say, intimate parties - what a breath of fresh air! Since his birthday is in June and we typically have nicer weather, it only made sense to have the party outdoors. We held the party at Andrew's Scenic Acres and because strawberry season hadn't started yet, we had most of the space to ourselves, major bonus! Two hours was just enough time to eat, run around, play & blow some candles on an ice cream cake, yum aaaand thanks to my sister Chelsea and my friend Rachel, my vision of DYO (decorate your own) super hero cape came to life! They were def a fav during the party & so so adorable to watch the kiddies run around in them! I even got hubby kuddos for running a smooth event (ha!). Seeeeee sometimes I'm not just a scatter brain who has all these plans and ideas. Sometimes, I take action & get shiz done!

It's so hard to take photos while hosting! Luckily my brother and dad got a good bunch :)


P6093986_2 P6093992
P6093999 P6094000
P6094132 P6094006
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970199_652217854807320_2051728161_n 941545_652217738140665_26344479_n
942022_652216914807414_409588430_n 994167_652215761474196_1954842136_n
5541_652231534805952_2030411288_n 5589_652217028140736_906708660_n
P6094076 P6094078
P6094079 P6094077
P6094145 P6094139

Happy birthday Bunks, high five for five! We love you too much! xx.

Annnnnd, here's some more fun stuff! Cool things are happening with pph print shop in the next little bit and to celebrate ... I'm hosting my first giveaway ever! Woot! Three winners will receive a print of their choice from my shop! 
Two easy peasy ways to enter:
1. Head over to my shop & leave a comment after this post letting me know which print is your favourite
2. Follow me on Instagram & repost the photo below with hashtag #pphfirstgiveawayever

Enter daily if you wish! Giveaway closes Sunday June 23 at midnight EST. Winner will be chosen at random & announced on Monday June 24. Good luck :) 

Happy Friday!


  1. CDL !!!
    My fave print is "amazing things will happen"

    its beautiful, its simple and its true !
    You've always supported me , as an AM at 311 and as a colleague at EO and just as a friend xo!
    congrats on this wonderful new venture you're awesome and amazing things WILL happen :)

    - and thats why I would like to win this print :) love ya !! DLK

    1. DLK! You're the sweetest :) I hope you're doing super fantastic! Miss you Chinnngggooo.

  2. OK! I love two of them! "If you work really hard amazing things will happen" ANNNNNDDD People who love to eat are always the best people! I would hang the work one at my desk - good karma for sure.

    1. The "amazing things" print is definitely one of my favourites as well - simple word, big impact! Thanks for entering Julia! Good luck :)